Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Day 9

Today was a good day... Up at 6.30am as usual... Brekkie in the restaurant around the corner and off to work.. The paint DID arrive today! So it was all hands on deck to get a second blue coat on all the exterior. The place is really beginning to look really well- (sorry we've no piccies, but the internet cafe has no card reader or scanner.. ). The fact that the place is painted in the Dub's colours is purely coincidential, tho' Ger did have a major say in the choice! The Director of the Orphange told the V's that they must not climb high - they must use the Orphanage kids for this!!!!!!!!! The next minute four bamboo ladders arrived on the back of a Honda motorbike, two each were lashed together with wire and local kids climbed 35' into the air on them - crazy stuff but absoluty no bother to them .... These are amazing kids....

Ashley wasn't feeling great just before lunch (the ol' deydration kicking in again.. but within seconds of the Orphanage Doctor applying pressure to two points she was as right as rain again...(She's fine since)...

The Grudge Match took place and the play was 'intense' to say the least... Daithi says two of the kids would easily get a trial with any team in England... Playing in their bare feet, on their home ground they gave the V's a good run for their money but were just pipped at the post for a 9-8 win for the PVG...

During all of the above the sun was beating down but guess what happend when we left for the beach??? Yes, you've guessed right... It lashed outa the heavens!! So there was plenty of 'singing in the rain' on the way to the beach... The locals think we're absolute bonkers!

The beach was good craic with massive waves and very strong tides and undercurrents (scary!)
Anyone dozing off had to sleep with their feet up 'cause rats as big as Jack Russel's were scurrying around the place... (the locals tell us their nice in a stir-fry!!!). John (our Guide & Interpreter) wouldn't believe the V's when they told him that they'd throw him in the sea fully clothed for telling them to keep quiet.... Yes, you can imagine what happend next...

Tonight was free time and an opportunity for the Leaders to go got THEIR massage.... It was like wrestling with a Sumo wrestler (even tho' they were 5' high and 7st weight!) but worth it in the end... Little or no personal gossip today I'm afraid...We'll see what the weekend brings...

Tomorrow, the local TV Station is doing a feature on the Orphange and 'Operation Vung Tau'... The place is looking real well for it so it should be good....


At 6:43 p.m., Blogger Somebody on said...

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At 7:04 p.m., Blogger Somebody on said...

RE: response to your letter dated Monday July 3rd.

Dear Complainant

We would like to acknowledge at once the receipt of your letter, attached below. We want to assure you that the 'record' 208 points achieved by that player "J. Marken" (here after referred to as "Joe M.", to protect his fundamental anonymity) was, as you say, not valid, due to it's being carried out at altitude. Each 'record' scores is only valid if attained at some height above sea level other than that alleged one already referred to.

Also it appears that one G. Fleming was in the vicinity. He was previously referred to in the "Bogger vs That girl who took points of his score cause Ger F. gave her the eye that time in England" case of 1999. It is with that in mind that the 208 can not be verified.

please feel free to contact our office directly if you have any other queries.

Yours totally-legitimate-ly
Bo Larrson, Director, Association of Professional Bowlers (APB)

"Dear Bowling assoc,
We are writing to you in desperation. It appears that our esteemed leader has achieved a remarkable score in bowling, and he refuses to let it go. Is their some way of invalidating this result. He achieved 208, in a bowling lane here in Vietnam.
yours hopefully
RR, JO, GO, DM, AM, SO'M, AW, DC, KC, LG, CT, & DO'M*" names have not been changed to protect the guilty.

At 11:05 p.m., Blogger Eamonn Moran said...


Great to read of all the good work being done in Viet Nam in the name of Scouting. Also glad to hear that the old footbal tradition is alive and well! Regards to all .

Eamonn Moran, ex-PVGer.


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