Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 8

A good day .. and a not so good day... The good part was that everyone turned up with their bike keys and no one got lost on their way to or from the orphanage!! The bad part was that people were falling on the asses all day... (Lukey, Tucker and the Teacher) + there was a serious lack of paint..

The day started well with the sun shining and the upstairs outside getting it's first coat... unfortunately by lunchtime we were out of paint and things slowed down a bit ... (It looks like the paint has to come from HoChi Ming City on special order as the local paintman won't carry stocks....) The first fall of the day was Lukey off his stool in the restaurant we use everyday for lunch... The whole place was in hysterics.... Then it was back to the orphange but we'd no paint... To conserve energy we'd agreed not to play football today (in readiness for the main match tomorrow!!) but some 'heading' developed in a circle, Tucker went for the ball and landed on his butt in a mud patch.... To amuse the kids the Giller found a rope and started a skipping tournament.... Everyone joined in (while it was lashing out of the heavens) - even the orphanage Teacher, (who had been a reserved lady until now)... When she slipped on the wet tiles and landed on her ass the place erupted in laughter... We've never seen kids laugh so much... It was magic...

The Group split for evening activities - one Group went bowling with Stephen and Daithi performing well while the other went shopping. THEY ended up in a Massage parlour (all legit and above board!!) .... After being chatted up by VN masseuses.... they started on their head, shoulders, back, legs, feet, and butt cheeks... All this for 5$!!

Tomorrow was to be a day off but we lost two hours today because of lack of paint... The V's were asked would they forego their first lie-on and do two hours at 7.00am.. They all said 'No problem' so tomorrow it's Painting - Football - Lunch - Beach - World Cup Football... Last day painting on Thurday.... Friday is Waterworld with the kids (they've never been to the local tourist attraction...) Saturday/Sunday is down the Mekong Delta (and some surprises) .... Monday morning is formal goodbyes (I've a feeling this part ain't gonna be easy or pleasant....) and then it's up to HCMC for two nights and home...


At 2:03 a.m., Blogger Somebody on 9thN10th.bebo.com said...

hey guys
just wanted to wish ya all good luck . don't worry richie all your cubs are fine only lost one up in the park . !!!!! take it easy but not to easy or you's will never get it done


-Aine D

At 3:08 p.m., Blogger Somebody on 9thN10th.bebo.com said...


glad to see you're having fun.

Two things:
Which way does the water go down the plug hole...?

Could Maria please email me regarding Scout Annual Camp?
gerardh AT gmail DOT com


At 3:33 p.m., Blogger muriel said...

well done u guys and gals keep up the good and bad work and hi to my little bro kiernan, stay safe!

At 4:42 p.m., Blogger jen said...

Hi Dad, Jen here.oh my god the blogs sound amazing, 208 in bowling we'll never hear the end of it!Vietnam sounds brill,cant wait to go over there.
Keep me posted
LE gra


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