Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 7

Keys and paint (or lack thereof...!!)... Today it was Luke and Ashley's turn to lose their bike keys... We wonder is it anything to do with the fact that if your bike is out of action you (have!) to get a lift from Jon (our Guide & Interpreter) or Hey (the orphanage Doctor)????

The exterior paint didn't arrive and half-a-bucket of paint disappeared overnight (we're on the lookout for a newly painted house in lilac/blue!)... Painting went well with three bedrooms being covered and a first coat on a long corridor that runs the length of the building... Good belts of traditional Irish singing broke out with the Giller, Carroller and Richie giving it sox... You wouldn't believe how hard it is for 5-6 V's to paint a small bedroom with a couple of VN kids hanging and pulling out of you in sweltering heat !! (It ain't easy!)..

The second leg of the football tournament took place at siesta time (!!!) with the Irish taking this one 10-7.. Daithi scored a belter from about 20yds out and Carroller took a fall saving a near Vietnamese goal...

The rains came early today but we were indoor at the time and cycling home was dry this time. This must have distracted Pavel & Maria who were last seen cycling toward Ho Chi Minh City before they realised they were cycling in the wrong direction and ended up a dark alley... Pavel says he assumed Maria knew the way 'cause she was a Leader! (gawd love him...)..

Ger convinced the hotel chef to 'give him a shot' on his moped... Ger informs us that moped's CAN reach 80 mph (with a Venture on the bike!!!) However since he was outa sight most of the time we can only take his word for it!! (Mothers... relax!)

Leisure time this evening was Bowling and Pool... Unfortunately Joe M scored 208 in the bowling which means that the poor kids in the orphange are in for a fully detailed story in the morning... Of course we'll balance his exploits on the bowling lane with the fact that he led the whole group the wrong way on the way back from the bowling to the hotel.... (We'll forget the fact that the group got lost on the way to the bowling.... If you can follow all that you're better than I am!

Two full days painting to go (Tues/Thurs) and we're under pressure to get finished.. We'll prolly get it done but we may have to forego lunch tomorrow or work late Thursday (time and a half!).

BTW - John's luggage still hasn't arrived... All he has are three jox, three sox and a t-shirt!!


At 6:54 p.m., Blogger Dashe Jordan said...

Sounds like your all having a ball, but where are the photos ?

At 3:31 p.m., Blogger kate said...

hi there everyone,delighted to hear you are all having such a great time.keep up the good work. kate.


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