Sunday, July 02, 2006

Day 6

Well it WAS to be a day off!! But by 8.30am we were in a beat-up '60's bus full off VN kids on a day out! It was like Scouting in the 60's with songs from both groups being belted out as we toured Vung Tau Province. The lads were a great hit with the VN girls with Dotty getting particular attention from a 19yr old aspiring hairdresser who fancied him to bits (see Richie's haircut previously!)... Joan (the mammy...) better start making up the spare room we reckon...

First port of call was a Pagoda with a reclining Buddha... Some of us lit incence sticks and prayed to Buddha for good intentions.. (i.e. less heat, more sun and less rain!!!!)... Then it was on to climbing the Small Mountain (Vung Tau only has TWO mountains and coincidentially enough they're called BIG Mountain and Small Mountain).... At the top is an enormous statue of The Christ (built by the Americans in the1970's and similiar to the one in Rio)... With the dexterity of a ferret we climbed up thru' the body and out along the extended arms for a magnificent view of VT's four beaches... Wet marble stairs (which we had to climb barefoot!!) ensured that the climb was lethal, eventful and very touchy feely with everyone having to squeeeeeze past each other to make any progress. We had to stop some of the lads going up three and four times because of this!!!!

After lunch (and siesta - we're getting used to this 'power nap' arrangement) it was off to the beach (yes!! we finally made it!)...) and some swimming in the surf-waves of the South China Sea...

Back to base then for dinner which we were promised would be a 'buffet' arrangement.... Wow ! It turned out to be on the rooftop of the Director's house (it musta been nearly fourteen flights of never ending stairs high) and a BBQ... followed by (wait for it...) KARIOKE!! It was great craic with Andy Moran (and Carroller at his best) making a great impression... Mr. Baa also bashed out a couple of VN Revolutionary songs which brought the house down...

That's it for today.... Back to work tomorrow but the weekend with the locals should make the painting arrangements a bit easier.... or will it????


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