Saturday, July 01, 2006

Day 5

Key, keys and more keys... Room keys and bicycle keys are all going astray with tiredness setting in... the result of Irish bedtimes and Vietnamese rising times (the Group are up at 6.30am every day!!!) They'll never learn...

Gary was back on top form and preformed well but it wasn't to be Carroller's day. As a result of self-induced 'dehydration' Paul took to the bed for a decent rest... He's fine now as I write...

The first major romance ended amicably with Danny giving Richie the elbow after only two days of intense effort on his part. Poor Richie.... this only leaves Kate, Ashley or Tucker as possibilities...

Painting went well... It was only half-a-day but the Group performed well with two rooms being done and the front of the orphanage getting it's first lick of paint in many years. The local T.V. Station have applied for a permit from the Provincial People's Committee to come and film in the orphanage... we'll be celebs on VN News!

The half-day rest was mainly spent taking siesta... This was followed by a heart-to-heart review of events so far... Overall the view was positive with the accomodation scoring well, the food being very Vietnamese (!! yes, that's what they said - so less fish and more chips....).

The Group went bowling tonight ($1.-- per game!). John went flying at one stage and ripped his shorts (not a great idea since his luggage still hasn't arrived!!).

Free Day tomorrow (we thought)... In the morning we're climbing a mountain with the kids from the orphanage... Someday we'll get to the beach!!


At 8:50 p.m., Blogger Collette said...


I'm glad to hear every thing is going fine. I will try and link up with you from Spain. It sounds like your all having a ball and working hard also. Take care
talk soon



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