Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day 15 - Tuesday

The last blog report until we get home...

(Forgot to mention yesterday that David O'Mara took a tumble off a hammock when visiting one of the quaint little waterside restaurants. David is probably the heaviest in the Group and there he was merrily swinging away until we all heard a massive thump!! His pride suffered most.....)

Well today it was Cao Dai Cathedral and the Co Chi tunnels....

Cao Dai is the 'Vatican' to one of the many religions here in VN... In the middle of nowhere we were driven to a catherdral type building with the midday ceremonies about to begin... Hard to desribe the place - ye'll have to wait for the slideshow!! There was white robed 'priests', 'scarlet' and 'primrose' robed bishops, turquoise clad nuns... The place was a riot of color, chanting and gongs being clashed... Interesting stuff...

It was on then to the Co Chi tunnels... These were originally built by the VN against the French but more famously used against the Americans during the VN War. Following a video we were brought through some of the more accessible tunnels and shown bunkers, kitchens, operating rooms - all underground... Only four managed the full range of tunnels on offer - The Giller, David, Pavel and Richie - real tunnels rats!!

Just as well Joe got some practice in, because when we returned to the hotel there was a power cut and Joe had to climb out of the left which was caught between the seventh and eights floor!!

All the Group are in good form.... We're going home tomorrow (Stephen's 18th. Birthday) and looking forward to seeing our families once again....

It's been a great experience but you'll have to wait until we get home for the full details !!!



At 4:57 p.m., Blogger Collette said...


Have a safe trip home I will catch up with you all hopefully on Sunday evening.

Its raining in Spain today but i have to say it is nice to see it

love collette


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