Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 14 - Monday

After packing all our gear we cycled for the last time to the orphanage.... (Just before we left we made a presentedation to Jon - our guide). At teh orphanage a very formal rectangle of tables and chairs had been arranged.... We awaited the arrival of the TV crew (again) for proceedings to be filmed for national TV..

When they arrived there was an introduction from the Head Teacher, a speech from the Orphanage Director and the Vice-Director read a formal report of our activities to date.... The Giller replied on behalf of the Group and thanked the Staff, the Doctor, the Director (and his wife) but especially the children for the the happiness and pleasure that they had brought to the Venture Group during our time there...Then there was an exchange of gifts - we received an large embroidered 'painting' of a VN scene and ships made of shells for each member of the Group with their name on it.. and we presented sports equipment (footballs, basketballs, badminton and table tennis gear, colouring books, pens, bubbles (??), hurleys and sliotars + a framed enlarged photograph of the day we presented the bicyles. The Group then planted two trees to commemorate our visit... The final farewells were very emotional... there were tears and promises to keep in touch... (Kate fell and broke her camera while John was reunited with his luggage - unfortunately he had forgetten the combination of the lock !!!)

It was two and a half hours by minibus to Ho Chi Ming City (HCMC) and a new hotel... We're just back from dinner and a few games of pool and darts... Spirits are better than yesterday and we're off to the Co Chi tunnels tomorrow morning....


At 10:27 p.m., Blogger sarah said...

ah bless!!... hope you all really enjoy your last day or so!! .. looking forward to seeing you all weather in arrivals or another time!!...
safe trip home!...and oxo try to keep an eye on your case!!
love you really looking forward to seeing you(chris)


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