Sunday, July 09, 2006

Day 13 - Sunday

Well as they same here in Vn, today was pretty much 'same-same'... Most people had a decent night's sleep but some weren't so lucky... We left the centre a.s.a.p and went 'touring'.. This involved traversing the Delta using various waterways, canals and waterlanes - calling in to a few souvenir places along the way as well as the madatory four-course 11.30am lunch... The time between breakfast-lunch-dinner seems so short here that we constantly seem to be eating. It's superb food - shrimp, fish, beef, pork, chicken, fried noodles, rice, fresh bread, various juices etc... but the V's haven't really taken to it..All they seem to eat is bread.. (Most Europeans we met along the way pay thousands for the opportunity!).

Eventually the water-journey ended and we returned to the bus... The only thing the V's could think about was a KFC they'd seen on the way down.... When we stopped you'd be killed in the rush for the KFC... even Lukey broke into a trot (we've never seen that before...) Most of the V's chose... (yes, you've guessed...) chicken, bread and lettuce!!!! (The multinationals have really won the battle for young people's minds...If it LOOKS good it MUST be good).

So all in all not a great weekend... the singing has been replaced by the V's teaching Jon (our Guide and translator) all the English swear words and slang....and bad language is slipping...

The only good news is that John's luggage has been found and is awaiting him in HCMC. We leave first thing in the morning... It's obvious the V's are tired and want to return to their normality... Roll on Thursday....


At 2:09 p.m., Blogger Somebody on said...

Hope all goes well for your last day at the orphanage and not too many tears (from the girls!). Enjoy the last few days and looking forward to thursday too.

Niamh and Barry


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